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Welcome to – a website that helps consumers to find the right stuff to match applications of each one.

Because online shopping cannot touch the products or ask a salesperson like buying at real store. Therefore, it’s unavoidable to dig the internet to find out information about that product – not only those who have never used, but also include those who have used it. Because all products are being developed new functions and have released new models all the time, that could be tricky and take a long time to be updated. was registered on January 15, 2016 and started publishing information for consumers who are deciding which model to buy. From personal care products like electric toothbrush and electric razor then add gadgets, appliances, sports, gardening and more.

TheGoodGears also provide useful information such as benefits, buying guides, use & care tips, frequently asked questions (FAQ) of each product type which was researched from reliable sources. Including top 10 models with short review to help consumers not to be confused with the vast number of models on the market and choose the right products more easily.

Our Mission
  • To help consumers to find stuff that meets their requirements.
  • To make product information easy to understand.
  • To provide basic information that buyers should know.
  • To review products of all categories, especially personal and home use.

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