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Electric Razor Reviews

The electric razor is a good handheld device which can save a lot of time in the morning. It’s simple to use and doesn’t need shaving cream or gel, just turn on and shave. It also has cordless models that means you can bring it to the office for shaving before client meeting in the afternoon. Electric razor is perfect for those who have to shave everyday.

Rotary Electric Razor

What It’s Good For

For Men - Mostly used it to shave mustache and beard daily, so it’s designed to shave coarse hairs closely, quickly and gently on face and neck which are delicate skins. It also ideal for head shaving that it allows you to shave yourself safely.

For Women - It’s used for hair removal in various parts of the body whether legs, underarms or bikini area. Shaving with electric razor gets more popular because it generates painless and without the risk of nicks, cuts and razor burn in sensitive areas.

Foil Electric Razor

Things to Consider for the Best

Types: Foil vs Rotary
  • Foil Shaver is ideal for daily shaving that it provides neat close shave with less irritation and also easy to clean. But not suitable for long hair.
  • Rotary Shaver is ideal for those who do not shave everyday that it can shave thicker and longer hair. It’s cheaper but do not provide close shave.

With Water
  • Waterproof is safe (while cordless) to use with water, that can be used with shaving foam and gel in the shower.
  • Fully Washable can be rinsed under the tap, the easy way to keep it clean. (not all washable models are wet shavers and can be used in shower)
  • Wet & Dry can be used with shaving cream and gel for closer shave and less irritation for sensitive skin. (not all wet & dry shavers are washable and safe for the shower)
  • Dry Shaver can’t be used with shaving cream or gel, so it can be tough on sensitive skin. It can’t be cleaned with water, can only be cleaned with brush or dry cloth.

Number of Cutting Heads - The cutting head works by picking each hair up then guides into a track before cutting it off. The more cutting heads the closer, quicker and smoother the shave.

Electric Razor vs Manual

Shave Quality - While shaving, the blades of manual razor contact the skin directly that makes it can shave closer than electric razor.

Quickness - Shaving with electric razor is quicker than manual razor because it let you skip the pre-shave step and reduce number of times to shave. Due to high speed blade, so you don’st need to shave over the same area.

Safety - Electric razor is safer than manual razor because its blades didn’t touch the skin directly, it’s covered by a thin layer of metal. So there’s no chance of being cut, irritate, nick and ingrown hairs.

Costs - The price of electric razor is about $30 - $250, which is sure that it’s more expensive than manual razor (around $10 - $30). If you have to shave everyday, you must change the razor blade ($2 - $3) 2 times a week. That means if you use electric razor over a year (or sooner for cheaper models), it will be more cost effective than use manual razor.


Electric razor is a good gear for men, although it do not provide the closest shave. The main benefits are that it can’t hurt and makes shaving fast and easy enough to shave everyday or twice a day in case the hair grow fast. At first it seems to be expensive but worthwhile investment in the long term. Electric razor is also a good gear for women too, especially those who don’t like to remove hair with epilator or wax.

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