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Elliptical Machine Reviews

The elliptical machine suited to be one of exercise equipments of your home. Because of low risk of injury, so you can use it alone without the need of trainer. It lets you do cardio workout by simulated basic movements such as walking, running and stair-climbing. Moreover, its elliptical motion is smooth and continuous so it doesn’t cause excessive impact and pressure to joints.

Top 10 Elliptical Machines 2018

Top 10
Schwinn 430
20” Stride, 10° Manual Ramp Range
Schwinn 470
20” Stride, 10° Motorized Ramp Range
NordicTrack C 7.5
20” Adjustable Stride, 20 lbs Flywheel, 20° Power Ramp
Fitness Reality E5500XL
18” Stride, Consistent 2-Flywheel
Nautilus E616
20” Stride, Perimeter Weighted Flywheel, 11% Motorized Incline
Sole E35
20” - 22” Stride, 25 lb Flywheel, 30° Power Incline
Universal E40
17” Stride, Perimeter-Weighted High-Intertia Flywheel
Nautilus E614
20” Stride, Perimeter Weighted Flywheel, 6 Position Manual Incline
Sole E95
20” - 22” Stride, 34 lb Flywheel, 30° Power Incline
Proform Endurance 520 E
20” Adjustable Stride, 20 lb Flywheel, 20° Incline

What It’s Good For

Full Body Workout:
It’s not like conventional cardio machines such as treadmill and exercise bike that focuses mainly on the legs workout. Elliptical machine has lever handles for upper body workout by pulling and pushing that make you can exercise arms, chest, shoulders and back in the same time.

Low Impact Exercise:
Its pedals support feet throughout the movement cycle that make joints don’t get too much load and who have knee/ankle problem or even overweight can exercise. However, this does not mean that there is no pressure on the joints. Therefore, those who are treating the joints should consult a doctor before exercising.

Elliptical Machine in Gym

Things to Consider for the Best

Stride Length - The proper stride length makes the workout effective, which is related to the pace distance or height of each person. The most ellipticals have 18-22 inches stride length and some models can be adjusted.

Flywheel Weight - Flywheel is an important part of elliptical machine. The heavier flywheel, the more steady and smoothly machine will move. Typically, the home use models flywheel weighs about 15-17 pounds. The gym models flywheel weighs up to 25 pounds or more.

Other Specifications:-
  • Maximum User Weight
  • Resistance Levels
  • Programs
  • Pulse Sensor
  • Reverse Direction

Elliptical vs Treadmill

Muscles Work - Running on treadmill uses only lower body muscles: legs, butt, abs. In addition, the elliptical let you exercise lower body muscles, it also has handles for exercise upper body muscles: chest, arms and back in the same time.

Speed Control - Elliptical allows you to increase or decrease speed by yourself, which is convenient for interval training. On treadmill, speed is controlled by the machine which need to set up at control panel to change the speed each time.

Effect on Joints - Treadmill is not suitable for those with joints problems and overweigh because impact from running may cause your joints worse. Elliptical doesn’t have a problem like this. Your feet are not lifted from the pedals throughout the exercise that make no impact.

Injury Risk - Running on treadmill has chance to fall like running outside. Especially when you’re tired and slow down, the belt is still moving at the same speed. That makes it more likely to slip and cause an accident. On elliptical, the machine will move according to user movement. If user doesn’t release the handles during use, it’ll have less chance of an accident.

vs Running - If you’re runner and expect training on elliptical machine is close to running outside, you may be disappointed. You may use it to train for hill or training during recovery from injury. If you want to train for running races, you should go treadmill.


Not only those with joints problems or overweight, elliptical machine is also good for healthy people as well. It provides simultaneous whole-body workout with low injury risk. It’s easy and fun to make you use it consistently, which’s a key factor to reach the goal of exercise. If you could choose only one exercise machine, elliptical machine is one of interesting choices.

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