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Lawn Mower Reviews

The lawn mower is one of the gardening machines for houses with lawns. It’s very useful for the lawns that are too large to cut with grass shears. It also reduces mowing time and cut the grass evenly. There are several types available to suit with your power source and terrain. Nowadays it has been developed to be small, lightweight and easy to use, thus the lawn mower can be used for both men and women.

What It’s Good For

Cutting Lawn Evenly:
It’s difficult to cut the lawn evenly with grass shears because each cutting time, it’s possible to cut higher or lower than the last shear. But this's not problem for lawn mower because its blades were mounted on the frame which is fixed height. So, it can cut the grass evenly throughout the area to make the lawn more beautiful.

Any Size Lawn:
It has been used for a long time and has been developed continuously. Currently, it can be classified into several types based on lawn size for example reel mower and push mower for small lawn, self-propelled mower for medium-sized lawn and riding mower for large lawn.

Mowing Quicker:
With the blade design that can rotate continuously making mower can mow faster than grass shears, which help you save time and your back. In addition, some models also come with mulch function and grass bag that help your job done quicker.

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