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Leaf Blower Reviews

The leaf blower is a handheld tool for cleaning up the garden. It has a motor for blowing air through out the nozzle like a hair dryer. So it’s simple that everyone can use, just turn on and point nozzle to the leaves to gather into piles. In addition, there are some leaf blower models that come with vacuum and mulcher functions for handling the leaves easier.

What It’s Good For

Gather Leaves - Its main function is to gather leaves into piles to clean lawn, yard and driveway. It saves time and energy, and also helps to clean faster than a rake which is obviously in a large area or in the autumn.

Clean Rain Gutters - Leaves will not only fall to the ground but it also fall on the roof and gutters, causing obstruction to drainage. If you have this problem, you should choose a blower which compatible with gutter cleaning kit (normally sold separately). It makes gutter cleaning easier and safer.

Remove Light Snow - The freshly fallen snow is lightweight and does not agglomerate, so it can be blown like leaves. The blower can be used to blow snow-covered items such as cars or even snow blower if you forget it outside.

Things to Consider for the Best

Air Velocity - It tells the speed of air at the end of the nozzle, measuring in miles per hour (MPH). It represents ability of the machine to remove debris. The higher air speed, the heavier debris can be blown.

Flow Rate - It means volume of air that the machine blow out, measuring in cubic feet per minute (CFM). The more air volume, the quicker removing debris.

Vacuum & Mulcher - Some blower models have leaf vacuum function to suck the leaves after gather into a pile. The most vacuum models usually come with mulcher for reducing the volume of leaf.

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