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Portable Air Conditioner Reviews

The portable air conditioner is designed to be easy to use and moveable to anywhere you want. It requires no installation, just connected exhaust hose to vent hot air outside the room. That make just only one unit can be used in any room of the house. Don’t forget to seal the door and window gap with high density foam tape to enhance portable air conditioner performance.

Top 10 Portable Air Conditioners 2018

Top 10
Honeywell MN10CESWW
10,000 BTU Cooling, Dehumidifying 68 pints/day, Single Hose,
Whynter ARC-14S
14000 BTU Cooling, Thermostatic Control, Dual Hose
Whynter ARC-10WB
10000 BTU Cooling, Dehumidifying 55 pints/day
Whynter ARC-12S
12000 BTU Cooling, Dehumidifying 91 pints/day
Honeywell MN12CES
12,000 BTU Cooling, Dehumidifying 70 pints/day, Single Hose,
Haier HPN12XCM
12000 BTU Cooling, Auto Evaporation
Honeywell HL14CHESWW
14000 BTU Cooling, 11000 BTU Heating
Black+Decker BPACT14HWT
14000 BTU Cooling, 11000 BTU Heating
DeLonghi PAC-AN120EW
12000 BTU Cooling, Whisper Cool Mode
DeLonghi PAC-AN140ES
14000 BTU Cooling, Dehumidifying 86 pints/day

What It’s Good For

Mobility - To make moving easier, so most of it come with four wheels for easy to push around by one person. It’s perfect for those who want to move it based on rooms usage and do not want to buy more AC units. For example, it’s commonly used in office and can be move it to the living room when guests visit.

Direct Cooling - The unit is freely, because it doesn’t need to mount on the wall or window (like wall and window air conditioner). So you can turn machine toward where you are, though beside window. That makes you feel cool immediately without waiting to cool the entire room.

Portable AC Unit

Things to Consider for the Best

Cooling Capacity - This number indicates the maximum cooling that machine can do, which is measured in BTU. Choosing the right portable AC size for the room, addition to making the room cool but also save energy as well.

Single or Dual Hose - It’s used for blowing the heat of machine out of room. The unit with dual hose can be vented more heat that makes room cool quicker than unit with single hose.

Noise Level - It runs louder than other AC types. Because apart from usual cooling fan noise, it also has noice from hot air fan. If you want to use it in bedroom, you should choose a quieter model by comparing the max noise level of manufacturer specifications.

Drainage - It condenses moisture from the air up to 100 pins per day (depending on cooling capacity). Therefore, you should choose proper drainage to prevent the floor get wet.
  • Bucket is a traditional drainage which must be emptied manually every 6-8 hours.
  • Drainage Hose is good that you don’t have to pour but need to add a hose to outside.
  • Self-Evaporating is convenient that no need to deal with water which is evaporated then blow out through the exhaust hose.

  • High Density Foam Tape


Because portable air conditioner has heat venting unit inside the same machine, as a result, it not only creates cool air to the room, but it also generates heat. That make some of the cool that machine produced must compensate that heat. If you’re looking for a portable AC unit, you should choose larger capacity than recommended in the other AC types.

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