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Pressure Washer Reviews

The pressure washer is a versatile cleaning machine for use outside the home. It saves time and labor in cleaning because of high pressure makes it combines washing, scrubbing and scouring in one step. Some models come with adjustable nozzles and built-in soap tank for diverse applications. Pressure washer also has wide pressure range to meet all duties.

Electric Pressure Washer with Spray Gun, Wand, Hose and Power Cord

What It’s Good For

Multipurpose Cleaning - It can be used with variety of materials whether concrete, wood, steel, glass or even fiber. That makes it can clean nearly everything outdoors.
  • Home Exteriors - wall, patio, fence
  • Vehicles - Bicycle, Motocycle, Car, RV, truck
  • Gardening Tools - lawn mower, tiller

All-in-One Process - It’s not just inject water by a garden hose. But with electric motor or gas engine in water pump that makes pressure increased more than 75 times of pressure of a garden hose which is enough for dirt removal. And most models also have detergent tank

Not Cause Scratch - Because it’s just water, the proper pressure will not make it scratch or damages to material surface like scrubbing. For surfaces which scratch easily like car paint, you should wet and snow foam the car before pressure washing.

Cleaning Difficult-to-Reach Area - Because it’s a machine which uses water, so it can clean small grooves that the brush cannot reach. It also has wand accessories which able to stretch up to 6 feet long for high cleaning.

Things to Consider for the Best

Pressure - It tells the force of water acting on the surface, measuring in pounds per square inch (PSI). It represents the ability to remove dirt. You can select the proper pressure for each application according to the guide below.

1300-1800 PSI
(up to 1.5 GPM)
2000-3000 PSI
(up to 2.5 GPM)
3000+ PSI
(up to 4.0 GPM)
Light duty, less frequent jobs: Car washing, shutter cleaning, spot cleaning, grills, lawn furniture, light mildew/mold removal Heavy duty, more frequent jobs: Deck and pavement cleaning, sidewalks, siding tougher stains Contractor, tough, very frequent, heavy cleaning jobs: Industrial cleaning, concrete pavement, siding, paint stripping, stubborn stains and mildew

Flow Rate - It means volume of water that the machine spray out, measuring in gallons per minute (GPM). The more water make cleaning faster.

Detergent Tank - The models with detergent tank can clean more efficiency by adding soap to water while injection. That’s very useful, especially when washing a car.

Spray Nozzles - It adjusts the water flow out to specified angle to suit the surface to be cleaned. The more angle available, the more versatile jobs.

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