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Snow Blower

Snow blower is a machine that is designed specifically for snow removal. It saves your time and labor to remove snow from the pathway, sidewalk, driveway, patio or yard. There is no risk of injury to the back, arms and hands like removing snow with shovel. It’s also available many sizes to suit the size of your area and snow depth that can say snow blower is a great equipment for snow season.

Top 10 Snow Blowers 2018

Top 10
Snow Joe iON18SB
Cordless 40 V 4.0 Ah, 18” Width, 8” Depth, 495 lbs/min
GreenWorks 2600502
Electric 13-Amp, 20” Width, 10” Depth, 20 ft Discharge
Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E
Electric 15-Amp, 18” Width, 10” Depth, 720 lbs/min
Briggs & Stratton 1696619
Gas 250cc 11.50 ft-lbs, 27” Width, 20” Depth, Electric Start
Snow Joe Ultra SJ625E
Electric 15-Amp, 21” Width, 12” Depth, 800 lbs/min
GreenWorks Pro 80V 2600402
Cordless 80V 2Ah, 20” Width, 10” Depth, Run Time 45 mins
Husqvarna ST224
Gas 208cc 6.3HP, 24” Width, 12” Depth, Electric Start
Poulan Pro PR100
Gas 136cc 7 lb-ft, 21” Width, 13” Depth, Single-Stage
Toro 1800 Power Curve (38381)
Electric 15-Amp, 18” Width, 12” Depth, 30’ Discharge
Black+Decker LCSB2140
Cordless 40V 2.5Ah Brushless Motor, 21” Width, 20’ Discharge

What It’s Good For

Fast Snow Removal - Working amid the cold weather is not pleasant, especially working with snow. Snow blower helps you done snow removal faster – even tiny models can also remove 500 lbs of snow per minute.

Wide Area - It’s suitable for flat and wide areas like walkways, driveway, field or yard that make it can runs consistently and has space for throwing snow – most blowers can throw snow up to 20-feet.

Avoid Injury - Removing snow with a shovel is cheap, simple and a chance to exercise. But if you need to remove tons of snow which could take hours to complete, your back, arms and hands may be injured by excessive pressure. Snow blower allows you to avoid the risk of injury and is also easy to use. Just pushed it in a straight line like using a lawn mower.

Snow Blower

Things to Consider for the Best

Clearing Deck
  • Clearing Width determines the width of snow line to be removed. The wider deck, the faster job done.
  • Clearing Depth determines the dept of snow fall the machine can remove.
Throw Distance indicates the maximum distance that the machine will be able to throw the snow.

Plowing Capacity indicates the amount of snow that machine can remove within a minute.

Machine Types
  • Electric Snow Blower is suitable for clearing small and medium areas such as around the house or patios. It’s usually lighter and more compact than gas models and also easier to use and requires less maintenance as well.
  • Gas Snow Blower is more powerful than electric models and usually has wider and deeper clearing deck. Thus it is ideal for clearing medium to large areas and capable of handling heavy snowfalls.

Snow Removal


When winter comes, if you live in a snowy climate, you’ll need to removal snow unavoidably. Shovel is basic equipment and simply to do but it may cause back pain if there are plenty of snow. For large area around the house or long driveway, the snow blower is a great machine to invest in order to reduce time and labor to deal with heavy snowfalls.

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