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Garden Tiller Reviews

The garden tiller is an useful cultivating machine for flower and vegetable gardens at home because it works the most hard and tired process that is soil preparation. It has steel blades for chopping the soil, which are powered by the rotation of electric motor or gas engine. In addition to turning soil, it also can loosening soil, mixing in fertilizer and weeding. So if you use tiller constantly, it will helps the garden grow better.

What It’s Good For

Soil Loosening - It has steel blades which hard enough to break up solid soil to allow water and fertilizer can reach plant roots better.

Soil Turning - The blades are placed oblique or slightly twisted for turning over the soil in order to aerate.

Fertilizer Mixing - Using the tiller after fertilize make nutrient distribute in the soil evenly.

Weeding - It uses for weeding better than cutting, because it uproot weeds up to dried in the sun.

Things to Consider for the Best

Tine Position
  • Front Tine Tiller is typically smaller and lighter, which suit for small to mid-sized home garden. It works well in both soft and compacted soil. It’s also maneuverable and can access between garden rows.
  • Rear Tine Tiller is designed for larger areas that makes it’s bigger and more powerful in order to cultivate faster and can break up harder soil. So it should have self-propelled system for labor-saving.

Power Source
  • Electric Tiller is convenient to use and maintain. Easy to start - just press button, do not refuel - just plug. And most importantly, it runs quietly without smoke. That makes it suitable for a small garden next to a house nearby, in order to have no noise and smoke to bother neighbors.
  • Gas Tiller has less restrictions on usage. Jus has fuel, you can till anywhere, although the garden is away from home without waiting for recharging. It has more power, making it ideal for heavy duty tasks that it can cultivate large garden or break up solid soil.

Tilling Size
  • Tilling Width - It’s a fact that the wider tilling, the job done faster. But if you want to use it to get rid of weeds in flower beds, the width of tiller is limited by the width between flower rows.
  • Tilling Depth - If you want to use it to maintain the soil, shallow depth is enough. But if you want to prepare a new bed, you need a depth of at least 6-8 inches to improve soil conditions.

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