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Treadmill Reviews

The treadmill is an exercise machine that doesn’t help you do advanced workouts. On the other hand it turns you back to basic human workouts like walking and running. It allows fully exercise because you don’t have to worry about fatigue or exhaustion along the way like running outside. Moreover, treadmill helps to exercise regularly because you can do any time at home.

Running on Treadmill

What It’s Good For

Running outside sometimes cause exhausted before returning home. Especially those just began running that may discourage and eventually give up the exercise altogether. Running on treadmill is good to start that you can run with a short time (2-3 minutes) and then gradually increase the time when you’re ready. That will make your workout success.

Running is simple exercise that require no equipment, just shoes. But during rains and winter you may not be able to run for several days that make your workout intermittent. This problem can be solved by treadmill, a machine that allows you to run at home anytime. It’s also ideal for people who can exercise only at night that it’s safer to run at home than run in the darkness.

Things to Consider for the Best

Speed - It’s speed of the belt which indicates the maximum speed (mph) that the machine allows you to run. If you want just walking or jogging, most treadmills can do. If you want to run, you should make sure that it can support your speed.

Belt Size
  • Belt Width (inch) represents the ease of exercise on a treadmill. If you want to walk or slow jog, the narrow belt is enough. If you want to run or fast jog, the wider belt (20-inch or more) is more comfortable.
  • Belt Length (inch) depends on your stride length and speed. Higher speed running requires longer paces, that makes you need longer belt (55-inch or more).

Incline - It improves resistance to burn more calories by lifting up platform to simulate uphill running. It’s measured in percentage - the more percentage, the more steep incline.

Other Specifications:-
  • Maximum User Weight
  • Workout Programs
  • Heart Rate Sensor

Treadmill vs Outside Running

Daily Workout - Treadmill is better for daily exercise because it let you run anytime (day or night) as long as you want with nothing can hinder. Which’re key factors that help your workout successfully.

Burning Calories - With equal time, running outside burn more calories because it has many factors that running indoor doesn’t has - such as wind resistance, terrain, turns and obstacles - which forced to use more muscles and energy.

Running Training - For runners, it’s certain that running outside is better for race training. Besides running, you can practice in real situations along the way. Treadmill also has some advantages for running training such as help to maintain speed throughout the race or let trainer improve gestures while running.

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It’s strange that even without treadmill, everyone was able to walk and run anyway. But it still ongoing to be popular not because it can replace real run but convenience. Most people already workout by walking and running but can only be done outside. Treadmill allow you to do favorite workout anytime in your home.

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