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VR Headset

VR headset is a wearable display for providing immersive virtual reality experiences that normal screen can’t do. It looks like the goggles with monitor attached, and has 2 lenses in order to prevent eyes strain. It adjusts the display according to user’s movement by tracking head motion – that make you feel like you’re actually right there. In other words, VR headset allows you to adventures in various places from your home.

What It’s Good For

At the beginning, virtual reality technology was applied by gaming industry to immerse gamers into the games. It make you feel like you’re a character in the game by letting you control point-of-view yourself – character looks where you look. Some models also come with remote controller to move and interact with game environment to complete the mission you’re assigned.

Watching Sports:
VR headset is a new device for watching sports like sitting courtside. It let you feel free to look anywhere in the stadium such as favorite players, cheerleaders or even scoreboard. The big name of virtual reality sports like NextVR provide VR contents of various sports: NBA, NHL, MLB, US Open etc. This is the new sports watching experience you’ll never get from traditional TV.

VR Video:
Because 360° cameras are cheaper that make everyone can create and share VR videos. Watching with VR headset, you can see what your friends share like you were there. In addition, it can also be used to watch virtual reality movies – Hollywood tends to produce more for new type of storytelling.

Virtual Training:
Apart from basic and advance skills which have been trained well, factors influencing to victory of the team and achievement of the mission that’s experience. Typically, this process takes a long time to accumulate enough experience from real situation. Virtual training helps shorten time and allow to set the desired practice. It’s applied in various industries such as healthcare, sports, aviation, aerospace etc.

Woman Wearing VR Headset

Things to Consider for the Best

Headset Type
  • Smartphone-Based VR Headset - Due to big screen and existing gyro sensor, that make smartphones qualify to be used as a VR display – to make this works it must be attached to the headsets as follow:

    • Cardboard Headset is a low-cost headset which frame is made of cardboard. It’s ideal for those who start watching VR videos because it’s just $5 - $20.
    • High-Quality Headset is more durable because the body is made of plastic. It’s comfortable to wear and display sharper image. Some models like Samsung Gear VR also come with input buttons and touchpad.

    The image quality of these headsets are based on smartphone resolution.

  • Console-Based VR Headset - To make the game react quickly and smoothly, require high performance processor that smartphone cannot do. So these headsets need to be connected to the compatible game consoles like PlayStation, Xbox or PC to display video obtained from rendering on built-in screen.
  • Self-Contained VR Headset requires no smartphone or console/PC connector to operate, it already has an on-board computer with built-in screen like AuraVisor; 5” TFT screen, quad core CPU and run on Android OS. That make this device is wireless and let you feel free to walk around in the scene you’re in.

Oculus VR Headset Testing


As the increasing of VR headset ownership that makes it has drawn the attention from several businesses (originally just the gaming industry). Because virtual reality is a good storytelling that makes many entertainment and media companies – such as newspaper, magazine, social media, movie etc. – are increasingly use VR videos together with original format. This is probably the main factor that makes VR headset becomes the mainstream of display device.

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