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Vacuum Cleaner Reviews

The vacuum cleaner is one of the basic home appliances which uses the same principle as sucking food with a straw. It creates vacuum by using an electric fan to suck the air out the other side. Before that, there is a filter for trapping debris in order to dump later. Currently, vacuum cleaner has many types with various sizes and shapes to suit different materials and surfaces that need cleaning.

What It’s Good For

Dust & Debris - Vacuum cleaner is made for cleaning the dirt like dust and debris that do not stick to surface. It can suck up everything, even small particles can not be seen into the dustbag. That make it works cleaner and does not diffuse the dirt like sweeping.

Various Surfaces - It doesn’t use hard scratch, chemical or heat to clean, just vacuum. So, it’s friendly to all material surfaces such as hard floor, carpet, sofa, curtains etc. That made it’s one of the basic cleaning machines of the house.

Versatile Cleaning - When you buy a vacuum cleaner, the most manufacturers provide necessary tools such as extension wand, crevice tool, dusting brush etc. which make it more versatile.

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