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Action Camera Reviews

The action camera was made for capturing photos and videos while doing activities yourself. It gives you perspectives that are different from regular digital cameras do. Due to small, lightweight, wearable and mountable make it can be attached to helmet, vehicle and sports equipments for taking POV (point-of-view) and objective shot. Action camera is a good gear for those who love extreme sports.

What It’s Good For

Special feature of the action camera is that it’s designed to be compatible with mounting device to be able to install it on all objects, in order to get video in different perspectives from regular cameras.

Racing Sports:
It usually comes with mounting kit which is sturdy enough to withstand strong winds. So it’s no problem to install it on bicycle/motorcycle handlebar or front bumper of racing car to get different views or even attach on helmet to record POV videos.

Extreme Sports:
This camera is rugged enough to withstand the shocks that it can handle adventure activities like rock climbing and hiking. So, it can be mounted on the sports equipments which have impact during use like mountain bike and skateboard. It also withstand to cold that make you can record video while skiing or snowboarding.

Water Sports:
In addition, the most action cameras are also waterproof that let you mouth it to water sports equipments such as canoe, kayak, surfboard etc. that make you can record video while in action by yourself. It also works great underwater, which if you attach it on snorkel or wear it on head, you can record what you see underwater without holding the camera.

Ice Climbers

Things to Consider for the Best

Mounting Units - While in use, the camera must be attached to object. So be sure that it has compatible mouting units which can be attached on the desired object. For example suction cup mount for cars, boats, motorcycles; strap mount for head, hand, arm, wrist, chest, leg.

Waterproof - The most action cameras are not waterproof by themselves, it require waterproof case to keep safe from rain, dust and mud. If you want to take underwater video, you need to check that the case is waterproof to a depth of dive or not. (There are some models – e.g., GoPro HERO Session – which are waterproof with no housing needed like a waterproof camera.)

Shockproof - Because it’s a camera for mounting with extreme sports equipment, so it should shockproof in order not to break down when that equipment hits the ground.

Field of View - The wider angle lens provide larger field of view that let you get more details of selfie. And also provide realistic POV videos when viewing on a big screen TV.

Mountain Bike


The action camera is a fun camera that can be applied to various applications. Not only favorite sports but it also can be mounted on anything you want such as RC vehicles like drone to take bird’s-eye view footage, dog harness to get dog’s-eye view footage or see where they go each day.

The high-end models can take high-resolution videos up to 4K which is equivalent to professional video camera. That make action camera is still being used for filming TV shows to capture the view that common camera can not shoot.

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